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Ready To Be A CEO? Invest in An Essential Pros Franchise

Fast-growing staffing and personnel franchise is ready to help entrepreneurs run an executive-level business

Have you always wanted to be an executive, but also wanted the work-life balance of owning your own business? Then look no further than Essential Pros, an innovative and burgeoning staffing and personnel franchise that helps employers fill roles and employees find work.

Essential Pros is a staffing and personnel franchise that helps businesses looking to hire top-notch personnel, as well as job seekers searching for the perfect company. Founded in 2007, Essential Pros delivers unmatched service and access to expert job recruiters across the U.S. and now serves a national client and candidate base.

essential pros personnel franchise owner

Essential Pros is also the perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take the reins of running their own business in an executive-type capacity. When you own an Essential Pros franchise, you aren’t sitting behind the desk as an administrative filling position. Franchisees are, in essence, the CEO of a high-sales business that’s reinventing the way companies find superb talent and people looking for work and the right job.

Essential Pros has built a business model that is easy to run and quick to scale, allowing franchise owners to focus on growing their business, drive sales and connect quality people with quality work. This is accomplished by the “Essential Difference,” which sets the company apart from other staffing industry companies. Essential Pros conducts in-person interviews with all our workers and assesses candidates not only for the relevant professional experience but also for character.

“When an individual comes in looking for a job, we’ll take a look at their resume and press them to explain any gaps in work, reasons for leaving work, as well as what job would make them the happiest,” says Travis Powell, CEO, and founder of the Essential Pros franchise. “We want to know that the people we bring to our clients will not only excel at the job they’ve been hired for but also that they’ll be consistent, on time, and display a positive attitude.

Essential Pros stands out in the $160 staffing industry and has been attracting aspiring entrepreneurs who want the freedom of running their own business. New franchisees are also awarded through the Pioneer Program, designed to help business owners help established by reducing costs of ownership and providing a year of ongoing consultation with CEO Travis Powell.

Benefits include 50% off the franchise fee, saving business owners $15,000. Also, 100% of marketing fees will be spent on your business for the full first year, including a website, SEO, blog posts and increased visibility in your market. A 10% discount on computer hardware for year 1 also helps save money on necessary technology through our vendor program.

Bring Essential Pros Franchise to Your Community

If you want to own a potentially lucrative business that helps build your local community and national economy, an Essential Pros franchise is a smart business to own. Learn more today!