Case Studies

Essential Pros: Increasing Applicants for Hard to Fill Positions

The Client

Our staffing client is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components.


The Challenge

Our client was losing their applicants to other companies that had higher wages. We also identified that our client’s employees had a low rate of job satisfaction.


The Solution

Our team pulled area data to provide a wage analysis to our client that covered similar positions in the same area. We also identified areas to help our client increase their team’s job satisfaction, which in turn will lead to higher retention.

  • Identified wage gaps and implemented increases where advised
  • Increased wages for retention for existing employees
  • Introduced coaching methods from supervisor to employee
  • Worked to instill trust through our partnership


The Results

After working with our team, our client saw an increase in applicants for positions that were previously hard to fill as well as an increase in employees who rolled over to long term onto their payroll. The employees that we placed at our client company also have a longer tenure than employees recruited through other methods due to our coaching and transparency.

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