Case Studies

Essential Pros: Screening Solution Helps Solve Safety Issues

The Client

Our staffing client is a full-service, custom injection molding manufacturing company with a solid reputation and superior customer service. They are locally owned and operated. They strive to provide excellent quality at a fair price.


The Challenge

Our client was having trouble with their staff coming to work while on illegal substances. They have multiple shifts and wanted to ensure everyone was working safely and sober, for themselves and others.


The Solution

Our team worked with the client to draw up an outline of how to start a random drug screening procedure. We discussed how we would cover weekends and multiple shifts to resolve the issues they were having and to help ensure safety at their plant.

  • Build a drug screening procedure
  • Perform random drug tests
  • Cover all necessary shifts and workdays


The Results

After implementing the random drug testing procedure at our client’s manufacturing plant, their concerns quickly dissipated and safety on the job was a priority. We maintain open communication about any possible issues and resolved their major concern, leading to a happy work environment.

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