Case Studies

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The Client

Our staffing client is the area’s preferred local contracting carpenter company. They pride themselves on flawless work and competent workers, distinguishing themselves from the competition.


The Challenge

Our client is a small business and they found while they were exceptionally skilled at carpentry work, they lacked the time and knowledge for HR and office paperwork.

  • Lack of knowledge of payroll, taxes, filings, and other office paperwork
  • Time to recruit, interview, and process payroll
  • Resources to complete payroll correctly


The Solution

Our team worked to strengthen the areas our client was weak in. By placing their workers on our payroll, it alleviated their time and the stress and hassle of many office functions. We took on screening, onboarding and consulting to put our client on the fast track to success.

  • Have employee(s) on our payroll
  • Allowing the client to train, supervise, verify timecard, and pay invoice for their staff
  • Partner with employment experts


The Results

Identifying areas of weakness in our client company and stepping in to strengthen those areas is how our team was able to help our client really start growing their business. When we were able to take over the functions our client had been neglecting due to time restraints and lack of knowledge, our client was able to focus on their strengths and soon gained more business and added additional services, which increased revenue. They also had time to work on their referral program and brand exposure.

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