The Essential Pros Difference

Committed to quality before, during and after a placement.

Our Essential Difference

In staffing, the nature of a placement is often impersonal and transactional. Essential Pros takes a different approach. Here, we take client and candidate satisfaction seriously. Our focus on urgency, honesty and strong relationships ensures we are able to get in front of potential problems and solve issues quickly.

We don’t just pay lip service to satisfaction. Our commitment to quality and an exceptional experience is woven into our daily process with every applicant and every placement. Our Essential Difference is an integral part of our company culture.

An Essential Pros temporary recruiting specialist will contact our employee before work on their first day to make sure they are clear about where they are going, what time they must arrive and that they have everything they need to start the day.

At the start of the shift, we call the employer to verify that the employee arrived on time.

Essential Pros will check in at the halfway mark of the first day to check on the quality the employee is providing. If there are concerns, we address them immediately or if necessary, replace the employee.

After the shift is over, a temporary staffing specialist contacts the employer to assess their satisfaction and verify that they want the employee to return. If there are issues, we address them immediately or if necessary, replace the employee.

Then, we contact the employee to see how their first day went and to verify that they will be returning the next day. 

Essential Pros will continue to check in with both the client and the employee to see if we can provide any assistance and ensure both parties are satisfied throughout the contract term.

Are you ready to improve the quality of your temporary staff?