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Our job openings include production, assembly, administrative & professional careers, accounting and much more. Our Buford staffing agency has you covered!


Essential Pros offers a convenient and streamlined process that can be conducted online and from your mobile device. As a leader among staffing agencies, we continually stay ahead of the latest technology trends so that you have a seamless experience from the moment you apply, through your onboarding and training, to your time reporting on the job.

At Essential Pros, you will be treated like the individual you are. Unlike some staffing agencies, we don’t force you into any job, we work with you to find jobs that are right for you. And even after you’ve started an assignment, we keep in touch to make sure you’re satisfied.

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Hard-working and driven, Andrew Young is a small business owner and a U.S. Army Vet with a desire to help others succeed. His dedication to others is what led him to the staffing industry where he can work closely with individuals by being a direct link between businesses and employees. Andrew’s lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur is what drove him to franchise with Essential Pros. Andrew is very passionate when it comes to helping others, thus being in the staffing industry allows him the opportunity to give back to his community.

For more than 19 years as a military leader in the U.S. Army and a native to Jamaica, Andrew knows and understands that success doesn’t come without a strong work ethic. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of sixteen and joined the military at the age of twenty-one. After serving 15 years in Active Duty, he joined the Army Reserves to allow him the time to obtain a certification in Technical Business Management to help him pursue his dream of becoming a business owner.  With a genuine passion for helping others succeed, Andrew loves what he does, and he strives to be a resource for others.

Andrew is continuously seeking new opportunities for growth and self-development, and he is always learning new ways to help his small business grow. However, when he is not working, he is spending time with his two kids and his fiancée, Nicole. He enjoys traveling with the family, woodworking, rebuilding cars, and riding motorcycles.

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