Case Studies

Essential Pros: Solving Short Staffing Issues, In a Short Amount of Time

The Client

Our staffing client is a customer service driven supplier of quality building materials. They provide specialized project needs for professional builders and use the latest manufacturing technology and highly skilled teams to meet the needs of their clients.


The Challenge

Our client’s workload is somewhat unpredictable and fluctuates with the building industry. They would find themselves short on staff and in need of more staff in a short amount of time to fulfill upcoming orders.


The Solution

Our team understood the need this company had and how providing them with temporary employees would help them meet the productivity levels their clients demanded. By hosting an on-site job fair, it allowed us to qualify candidates on the spot and introduce them to the workplace so potential employees could evaluate if the work environment would be a good fit for them.

  • Hosting an on-site job fair
  • Qualifying candidates during the interview process
  • Facility walk throughs at the job fair
  • Addressing pre-employment qualifications

The Results

By hosting an onsite job fair, our team was able to hire 10 people from the 28 applicants that came to apply. Out of those 10 individuals we hired, 7 of them became full time employees at the company and are still with them. Walk throughs of plants and onsite job fairs can be very beneficial to both employers and applicants, allowing transparency and insight into the work environment.

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