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7 Instant Summer Productivity Boosters You can Get From Temporary Staff

Summertime can be busy for many companies, and with more staff heading out for summer vacations, it can spell trouble if you’re not prepared. Keep your business on track — and boost productivity — this summer, with flexible support from temporary employees:

  1. Keep core staff focused. Boost your core employees’ productivity by offloading repetitive, time-consuming or administrative responsibilities to skilled temporary workers. Qualified temporaries can free your core team to work on strategic priorities.

  2. Cover summer vacations. Asking your direct employees to “pick up the slack” when co-workers take their vacations is a recipe for burnout and resentment. Keep morale, productivity, and quality high by maintaining adequate staff levels during the summer vacation season.

  3. Combat a summer slump. When the weather is warm, focus can dwindle. Prevent dips in productivity by rewarding your hardworking employees with a well-deserved extra-paid day off. Bring in temporary employees to fill in when needed.

  4. Ramp-up operations. If summer is your busy season, temporary employees enable you to quickly increase your capacity without increasing your fixed costs.

  5. Launch new products or enter new markets. Have the events of 2020 presented opportunities for your business to expand? Leveraging skilled contingent workers can help you dip your feet into new territory without adding extensive overhead.

  6. Access specialized skills. When you have short-term projects that require skills that none of your current employees possess, leveraging skilled temporary employees gives you instant access to the skills you need for the duration of that project.

  7. Maximize the productivity of temporary summer workers. Use these tips to ensure your temporary staff is as efficient and productive as possible from day one:

    • Give your staffing service as much detail about your needs as possible. When a temporary employee matches your requirements, they will be more successful.

    • Have workstations and supplies ready before temporary employees arrive.

    • Provide a thorough orientation, including a review of work hours, breaks and lunch schedules, safety regulations, company rules, and contact information for direct supervisors.

    • Make sure temporary employees know what’s expected of them by putting details and expectations in writing. Be sure they know what to do if they finish work ahead of schedule.

    • Check-in regularly throughout the first day to gauge progress and answer questions.

If you need temporary help, or just want to learn how temporary staff can help your company this summer, contact Essential Pros today.