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Essential Pros is One of the Top Staffing Franchises

Essential Pros was founded in 2009 with a vision to provide exceptional care to local businesses and an unmatched experience for job seekers. After all these years, as Essential Pros has made an impact on communities across the country, we’ve held true to our core mission: connecting quality people with quality work. This is why investors choose Essential Pros franchises over the competition.

What sets Essential Pros apart as a leader among staffing agencies is its convenient and streamlined approach to job hiring that places a huge emphasis on the personal touch. Quite simply, we make it easy for employers to find high-quality candidates committed and qualified for their openings. For job seekers, we make sure the job is a perfect fit that meets both their financial and career goals.

Travis Powell launched Essential Pros after seeing a glaring hole in the staffing agency industry. Whereas other staffing agencies are more concerned with getting people in and out the door, no matter if the job is a fit for either the employer or employee, Powell wanted to start a business that took the time to get to know each and every employee before they’re placed in a new job. As a result, Essential Pros has expanded franchise locations across the country. Now is an incredible time to invest, as employers and job seekers in communities across the country discover the positive impact Essential Pros has on the lives of those they connect with.


What Makes an Essential Pros Franchise Stand Out

The staffing agency industry has skyrocketed to a $137 billion industry – but not all staffing agency companies are created equally. Oftentimes, other staffing agencies have an outdated, complicated application process, or charge exuberant costs to start a location. And, competitors will cast too wide of a net. Essential Pros, on the other hand, upends all that.

Our Application Process

When you try to find a job through Essential Pros, you are treated as a person, not a number. Our process, which we call “The Essential Difference”, is committed to offering a highly personalized touch. We conduct in-person interviews with every single candidate, getting to know their goals and desires for work. We look closely at their resumes, looking for any gaps in work, and reasons for leaving employment, and check their references. At the end of the process, the employer can rest assured candidates have been highly screened and will be committed and qualified worker. Job seekers, too, will have the peace of mind that the employment they are stepping into is exactly what they were expecting.

“Essential Pros does everything other agencies say that they do, but they don’t,” Powell says. ‘“We want to know that the people we bring to our clients will not only excel at the job they’ve been hired for, but also that they’ll be consistent, on time, and display a positive attitude. This is the reason that after 14 years in business, Essential Pros hasn’t lost a single client – and that’s saying something, considering we’ve expanded to five locations in new markets in that period of time. That’s our Essential Difference.”


As one of the best staffing agencies in the industry, Essential Pros knows that keeping costs low is a critical part of helping a business grow. That’s why we’ve kept the total cost to invest in a franchise accessible and affordable, with costs starting as low as $136,350. For a first-time entrepreneur who wants a chance to own a sales-driven business with unlimited profit potential, you won’t find a better or more meaningful franchise opportunity than with Essential Pros.

What’s more, our business model is committed to keeping ongoing costs low, putting more money in your pocket, and allowing your franchise to thrive. We provide a huge amount of back-end support on operations, including payroll, invoicing, accounts receivable, collections, marketing resources, and risk management consulting – to name a few. With all this back end support, our franchise owners only need a minimal staff of three to four people, cutting down on labor costs and allowing our locations to be in much smaller office spaces. And, not to mention, it takes a lot of stress off franchise owners, who can then focus on networking, marketing, and making sales.

The Markets We Target

One of the key ingredients to Essential Pros is the market we target. Many competing staffing agencies cast too wide of a net with massive territories, but oftentimes, that backfires. When a staffing agency is overextended, it’s incredibly difficult to know the communities you serve or take the time to get people in the right job. As a result, employers and job seekers alike lose faith in your services. At Essential Pros, however, we focus on smaller to mid-size markets with populations as low as 25,000 people. That way, there’s not only less competition, but it allows our offices to generate higher sales in shorter times, focus on underserved clients and make an impact in our communities.

What Support Do You Get With Essential Pros

The short answer: anything and everything. The Essential Pros team offers everything you need to establish your business. We don’t take this statement lightly when we say you don’t need previous staffing industry experience to franchise with Essential Pros, and that’s a testament to our industry-leading, comprehensive training and support program that is proven to achieve remarkable results.

From day one, franchise owners are granted territory based on analytics, and then our teams help you secure the absolute best location in your community, as well as provide all the build-out plans. Our training program takes new franchise owners through every step of the business. Just as essential is the ongoing support we offer for the life of the franchise. We’re there to provide ongoing help with sales management, negotiating staffing agreements, recruiting talent, advertising, and marketing, as well as bottom-line profitability, business management, and operations. There’s truly no aspect of the operation too little or small that we’re not there to help with every step of the way.

“We want our franchise owners to become like a member of our family,” Nicole Powell, Vice President of Essential Pros, says. “We’re going to work day in and day-out to help them succeed, because we know that if they’re successful, so are we.”

Own an Essential Pros Franchise Today!

It’s no secret that the American workforce is experiencing an unprecedented shakeup, which makes now one of the best times to invest in Essential Pros. Since 2009, Essential Pros has emerged as one of the top staffing franchises in the country that’s helped employers and job seekers around the country. As a result, our franchise owners are experiencing growth and expansion like never before. To learn more, call 308-381-4400 or email Travis at