Case Studies

Essential Pros: Solving Growth Challenge Staffing Issues

The Client

Our staffing client is an industry leading cellulose insulation product manufacturer, including dry blown-in insulation, all borate-treated formula, and specialty formulas.


The Challenge

Our client faced challenges that are not unique to them but were causing them from moving forward and growing their company.

  • Employee retention
  • Work environment improvements


The Solution

Our team worked with the client to determine their pain points and investigate the cause of their turnover. Together we identified four work environment factors that employees were struggling with: wages, long shifts, expensive PPE and lack of communication. Working with our client to improve these areas has greatly reduced turnover and increased the knowledge and tenure of their staff.

  • Increase wages
  • Break down shifts into shorter work hours
  • Provide PPE
  • Consistent follow up and communication with employees and client

The Results

Our team played a critical role identifying client issues by using an outside perspective. Implementing a few new policies has improved the working conditions for the staff at our client company. The results of our partnership have been open communication and transparency, the client has become more open to new ideas and areas to improve, the employees are working more suitable hours for a work life balance and trust has been built as we continue to grow our relationships with our client and the employees we place there.

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